We believe in the education of the whole child: intellectual, moral, aesthetic, social and spiritual. As teachers, we prepare children for further education and would like to see all our pupils grow up to live full and useful lives as adults in Irish society.

Our aim is to provide a learning environment in which each pupil is encouraged to develop his capabilities to the fullest possible extent. The pupils in our school are expected to give their best and to achieve high standards of work and behaviour. Put simply, we want each boy to "do his best." We believe that a child who is happy in school makes the best progress.
Parents are welcome in our school. When you wish to meet a teacher we would, for class organisational reasons, request you to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time. It is unfair to arrive unannounced at a teacher's door and, mid lesson, to expect them to abandon their class to speak to you. (If however, the matter is of great urgency exceptions will be made.) Through co-operation and mutual support, we can help each pupil progress happily through the school, acquiring along the way the life skills which will help them on the road towards adulthood.



Aims of Our School

Our Catholic school strives to take the highest care of each child in a safe environment. It endeavours to promote the intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, social and physical development of all its pupils. The values of honesty, charity, kindness, acceptance, patience and personal responsibility are encouraged.

Mission Statement



St. Colmcille’s Boys’ Primary School was opened by the Christian Brothers on January 20th 1845 in what is now the Catherine Mc Auley Centre.  Because of growing numbers, a larger school was erected in Bective St. in 1888.  The present school was opened in 1976 and the Brothers, because of a fall-off in vocations, withdrew from the school in 1985.  It has since been under lay principalship and has been managed by a Board of Management under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Meath.

As time progresses in St. Colmcille's we strive to move forward and adapt to the changing requirements of the teaching profession. We hope to continue to better ourselves and better the education of your children.


Providing local education since Famine Times.