We received great news in the post in Febuary 2014 which informed us that we will receive our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste and an awards ceremony later in the year.


We are very proud of the committee and all staff and students of the school for their hard work towards achieving the flag.


Visit the Green Schools website here.


Green Schools
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Green Schools Code

We place our litter in rubbish bins.

We recycle what we can.

We compost what we can.

We don't bring our wrappers out to the yard.

We photocopy on both sides of the page.

We take pride in how the school looks.


We have made some great progress since we began preparing for our application in 2012.


We have reduced our waste going to landfill by 50%

We have increased the amount of waste going to compost from 0kg per week to almost 15kg per week.

We have increased the amount of waste going to Recycling Centres from 1 bin per week to 4 bins per week.

How to recycle better at home.

Click here to see how much energy your appliances use.

Calculate your water use.

Litter in Our Yard

As you can see we've managed to reduce the amount of overall litter in our yard but we still have improvements to make. We would encourage the boys to bring as little packaging as possible to school to help in this regard. 

Battery Appeal

After Christmas many of us will have lots of old batteries lying around. Each child in the school received a box just before Christmas to recycle their old batteries in. When the box is full bring it in and we'll do the recycling for you.

Green Schools Committee

Our committee is made up of representatives from each class and a number of teachers.

We meet monthly and discuss various ways in which we can improve the levels of litter and waste generated in the school.